Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

This week I received a gorgeous Peter Rabbit cake in the post for my son's friend's 3rd birthday. We were unable to make his birthday party as we were in Devon over Easter so had a belated celebration one week after.

I wanted to get him a birthday cake that was a little bit special but something small enough for just a small group of us to enjoy. So I was so excited to find a website that not only makes affordable cakes but cakes that can be personalised and delivered straight through your letter box (which keeps that postage cost down!)

I ordered a bespoke Peter Rabbit letterbox cake in chocolate chip flavour (other great flavours are available including vanilla, victoria sponge and fruit). It arrived incredibly quickly in a tin and even though it had been dropped on the floor when posted through my letterbox - it had been packaged so well that it was completely perfect when I opened it.

3 year old, Ebben was made up with his BipBopShop gift and his own bespoke Peter Rabbit Cake. It was the perfect size for 2 hungry toddlers plus 2 mums to enjoy with a cup of coffee! And it tasted absolutely amazing! The use by date kept for an amazing 2 weeks too!

So who supplied this delicious miracle?

The company is called and what's even more fantastic is that you will receive an exclusive money off voucher code when you place an order right here on this site - no matter what the value!

Simply order your gift from here and await your money off code included in the free bag full of goodies to get a very nice discount off a very nice cake!

So click back to the shop section and know that you will be in for a treat when you receive your order!

Until next time

Charlotte x